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Hello and Thanks for Visiting Our Website! We Conducted Estate Sale Liquidating Services (Tagged Sales) in the Local Hutchinson, Kansas area for 20 Years. Liquidating and Serving Many Prominent Residents along with Assisting Local Banks, Attorneys, and Working with Real Estate Firms to Professionally Liquidate Estates Along With the Disposal of Personal Property, Antiques and Collectibles. We are Proud of our Reputation with the Community and the Clients We Have Served and Worked With!  We NO LONGER Conduct or Set-Up In-Home Tagged Sales! Since Our Decision was made to No Longer Do This - We were Contacted by Many Individuals Asking Us to Consider Taking On Quality Consignments and Continuing To Liquidate For Individuals along
with Trust Departments and Attorneys via the Internet and Through Our Website and After Much Consideration Have Turned Our Original Website Into a ON-LINE Selling Site in which to Continue to Serve the Community.  
We Thank You for Your Continued Trust in Us!